Susan Kay Wyatt


Dishing up Crazy fun, funny, LOVE and deep connection with spirit daily. That would be me. Life IS the party and you are invited!   Piano Chat!  Mother Daughter Madness, Ask Elizabeth and Karate Mama are currently only viewable on my YouTube Channel!  So click! Go! Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE there!  And please let me know your favs!


I am in total reboot mode.  Getting my MOJO back and my BADASS ON!   Sifting through my endless list of topics that swirl in my Whicky Wacky mind daily and dusting off my camera and iMac.   Gearing up for some new weekly Vlogs at the piano AND Ask Elizabeth Chats with my daughter, Elizabeth who is turning 15 in June.  Boy do we have a lot to share with you!



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