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Flying Lessons

By on February 21, 2014

If I didn’t pay attention to the scene that was being played out in that patch of grass inside the hedge, I might have missed the message that was meant for me. It is time to fly.

Wow! The Silver Polish Miracle

By on February 14, 2014

It arrived in the mail. It was a very heavy yet small box that contained something my Mom ordered for me. It wasn’t very exciting, the idea of opening this box for me, because it was the sliver polish she told me about. I would soon understand how much more it was.

In the Studio with SK

By on July 9, 2012

Here I am in the studio with CC Thomas and Michael Sechrest of Sound Vision Recording Studios here in Los Angeles. These shots were taken during the LIFE IS THE PARTY creation! I have a rule in my life that

My True Nature

By on March 21, 2011

Several years ago I attended a class to help me overcome my obstacles, face my fears and remember who I am.  We were asked to write a poem about ourselves that included all four elements of nature.  I am inspired

Unleash your EVIL SIDE!

By on November 12, 2010

My nine-year-old daughter is an amazing child who is spiritually connected, peaceful and compassionate. She is one of the coolest people I know. So, it freaks me out to see how wigged she gets sometimes during social situations. My daughter


By on November 10, 2010

Stay strong in your faith. Meditate on those things you are unsure of. The answers are there. You just don’t trust them enough yet. SO many trains have LEFT the station. You did not get on. You didn’t understand where

Cash & Prizes!

By on October 13, 2010

I believe in the power of our words to shape our world. Whatever we think about and speak about becomes our experience in the outer world. “Your Word is Your Wand” is a book by one of my favorite truth

The Easy Button

By on October 12, 2010

This is a lesson in paying attention & REALLY listening. For 2 years, or so my daughter Elizabeth begs me to buy an easy button in the Staples Store.  I tell her, “NO”.  I am not buying something so frivolous

If The Shoe Fits… Walk the Cat Walk!

By on September 23, 2010

My daughter sees me in my “Plain Jane” persona 99% of the time. AND as a performer my whole life, it wasn’t until the last decade that I decided I was pretty without any make-up on at all. A huge