Susan Kay Wyatt

About SKW

I am a warrior. My fight is to eradicate low self-esteem off the planet. I am a student on a spiritual path ever unfolding. I am an artist, singer, songwriter, book writer, motivational speaker, healer, producer of music and video. I live to inspire and entertain.  I am truly obsessed with the things I love. I OWN that I am manic, a perfectionist, procrastinator and a hopeless romantic! I am a wife, daughter, sister and friend. But my greatest JOY is being a MOM to my only daughter Elizabeth (14).

Of all of the roles I play and the game changers in my life, becoming a Mom was the most profound.  I get to love deeper than I ever thought possible and be confronted with everything I couldn’t heal that had stopped me dead in my tracks for 20 years.  I couldn’t bear the thought of my daughter not seeing how “amazing” her mom is.  I couldn’t bear the thought of not being my amazing self.

In entertaining her and wanting her to see the FUN, FUNNY, richness and beauty of life, I not only rediscovered myself, but found that there was way more to me than even I EVER knew!  AND that all of those things I couldn’t figure out and overcome, all of that darkness, fear, confusion and loneliness, all of the healing that was mine to do, had to happen in order for me to become who I truly am and understand why I am here.

My passion and purpose is to empower and inspire people of all ages to heal their wounds, find their unique gifts, OWN them and share them with the world!

I share the stories of my journey through my music, my blog posts and my “Wicky Wacky” Piano Chats!  And soon the first of my trilogy of books will be released.  Through it all I remain transparent about my humanity and the insanity that is the human experience.

My weapons of choice are humor and honesty.  Yes, I over think and over share.  I am an entertainer and life has given me the BEST “material”!  I often SAY what others won’t and I see the world in a mystical magical way.

And now for some carefully selected life events in a sort of half baked order that may explain a lot….Born and raised in Ohio.  Budding playwright, dancer, piano playing, singing tomboy, cheerleader and spelling B champion. Ohio State Grad with a full ride music degree. Theatre, show band, show choir (ala Glee) at Ohio State, U.S.O. tour, foot model, studio singer, motivational speaker, amazing theme park shows ,and the dreaded Holiday Inn Lounge circuit.  Desk Job! Marketing Manager? Rock band, Country band, Jazz Clubs…Cast as Lucy once because I defined the part at 19, they kept my hair blonde.  Miss Ohio for the 1986 Miss America Pageant, CAT WOMAN for licensed DC Comic appearances, Clumsy Smurf, an elf and the voice of Fievel the Mouse at a Universal Studios show.   Add a very wrong first marriage and stir. Fast forward… Married “soul mate” husband and moved to Los Angeles (and marinate) where you can find me singing with a Big Band, Jazz Combo or performing my spiritual pop music in a church or at special events. I am a nominated Positive Music artist, a cat person and I earned my Black Belt in Karate! (with my daughter). And in the interest of transparency, I was once fired as a temporary receptionist after only 2 hours.  And finally… I was the only grandchild my grandmother ever spanked.

Welcome to my “Wicky Wacky” world and this amazing journey that is life.  And together we live, love, laugh and heal.