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Wow! The Silver Polish Miracle

By on February 14, 2014


It arrived in the mail.  It was a very heavy yet small box that contained something my Mom ordered for me.  It wasn’t very exciting, the idea of opening this box for me, because it was the sliver polish she told me about.  I would soon understand how much more it was.

My mom is a retired schoolteacher who spends her days in loving community service.  Her weekly soup and cookies get delivered by my father on a regular route of visiting beloved people in their close-knit hometown.  She also volunteers at her church where she hosts coffee hour and most recently took on the sacred job of caring for the Altar.

This is where she learned about the amazing WOW! Metal Polish that can only be ordered online and seems to be a product only known to churches.  Her church?  The Grace Episcopal church.

I was raised Episcopalian.  But my path has taken me on a spiritual and healing journey that has led me to an eclectic appreciation and understanding of all paths.  And I am raising my daughter to do the same.  So our lives are a rich tapestry of the mystical, magical, energetic, spiritual, emotional. vibrational, and yes… holy.  And before I forget to mention, it is the glue and foundation that holds my marriage together as well.

This brings me to a mother daughter trip to visit my parents last summer.  We went to church with my parents.  This was quite the different experience for Elizabeth because the Episcopal service includes rote memorized passages chanted together and frequent kneeling, standing and bowing.  I prepared her ahead of time with a talk about honoring their beliefs and ceremony while finding the universal message of love that she could relate to.

When it came time to go kneel at the altar rail for communion, I prepared Elizabeth that we would not partake in the bread and wine but would get a blessing.  What I wasn’t expecting was the emotional overwhelm that occurred. Reverend Carol blessed my daughter with words I could not hear but I felt the love and energy transferring from her to my daughter.  Then she came to me.  The warmth, the energy and love I felt at that moment brought me to tears.  I felt truly blessed, honored and supported in that moment.  And knowing that I shared that with my mom and my daughter was a gift I know I will always be able to conjure in my memories.

WOW!  Silver cleaner arrived in the mail.  For some, it would be an ordinary thing, but for me it sent my mind reeling in the direction of WOW! What an extraordinary life I lead and see in ordinary things.

By the way, my silver tea set? It is a family heirloom my mom passed on to me.  It has looked a little tarnished… ok.. A LOT tarnished in the past few years.  And yes it occurred to me the metaphor of me allowing myself to SHINE and that I am done with the dull and tarnish of mediocrity.  AND the WOW! silver polish worked better than any other product I have ever used!  My tea set is STUNNING!  In comparison to how tarnished it was, it was truly miraculous!

My eclectic spiritual beliefs?  They are stronger than ever.  All things that conspire for good and all beliefs and traditions that remind us that we are truly in communion are good.  The instant gratification of revealing the beauty of my silver was a gift from the Grace Episcopal Church Altar Guild and from my mom who continues to amaze and surprise me with her wisdom, love and infinite grace.

I am certain that the simple things in life hold profound truths.  And that when I shine my brightest, and get my WOW! On… the “miracle” of why I am here is revealed and somehow makes the world a more beautiful place.



  1. Carol Woodliff
    February 14, 2014

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    I love how beautifully you remind us of the magic of connections and the multilevel lives we all lead. Silver polish can remind us of grace and allowing ourselves to shine. The messages are already there for all of us. I need some WOW! My mom’s tea service has been very much neglected.

  2. Diane Barfield
    January 15, 2015

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    Where do I order this polish?

    Enjoyed your article.

    • SusanKay
      January 15, 2015

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      Hi Diane! The link is in the blog post above! Or you can just google it. Make me wonder how many other secrets the church ladies have up their sleeves. Best, SK

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