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The Easy Button

By on October 12, 2010

This is a lesson in paying attention & REALLY listening.

For 2 years, or so my daughter Elizabeth begs me to buy an easy button in the Staples Store.  I tell her, “NO”.  I am not buying something so frivolous when I am striving to teach her the value of money and that we don’t buy toys or stuff every time we go to the store.  We stick to the list of things we actually NEED.  We also don’t need another “thing” in our house because we are of the mindset of “letting go” of stuff and not collecting.  Blah Blah Blah…

She continued to beg for one every trip to that store.

One day in January of 2009 I was having a long phone conversation with a treasured new friend, Roxy Rocker, who I met in Phoenix.  She is a disabilities expert, with many obstacles to overcome in her own life.  A life that looks vastly different than mine.  Strangely, but not so strangely we seem to have a profound healing and energetic effect on one another and our monthly phone calls are an uplifting experience to say the least.  Roxy is one of “my people” and we love each other dearly. I laughed as the first 20 minutes of our conversation she mentioned several key words and scenarios that were currently happening in my life. She then revealed to me that she had come into and was developing her newly discovered gift as a medium or what she likes to call a “spiritual counselor”.  It was a bit spooky but obviously true.  Then she asked if she could do a reading on me.  I said, “yes” of course! How fun is that?

After the amazingly accurate reading, we found ourselves in a discussion about how hard it is to stay on the path, be disciplined, be clear and overcome the many obstacles presented on the journey to living our dreams.  And that most people give up or don’t try because it is so hard to do!   I then realized that we mentioned how HARD it was over and over again for 10 minutes.  It made us both laugh!  We were telling the Universe to keep making it hard.  We were affirming our doom to the life of hardship.  Well… “NOT ON MY WATCH SISTA!” And my first thought was we should affirm that it is EASY.  My very next thought was that Elizabeth had been giving me that message the whole time.  My third thought was to go to Staples and buy easy buttons for Elizabeth, Roxy, myself and some other friends of “like mind” on the path, which I did.

The easy button is fun.  When you press it, it says “That was Easy!”.  Elizabeth and I started using the easy button after making our beds, practicing a new piece on the piano and other small tedious chores in the house.  Imagine using it for the REAL hard stuff.

For my one friend who is concerned about making lots of money, I instructed her to say “money” after the “that was easy” part.


How HARD can it be to take one step at a time?  How HARD can it be to face rejection? How HARD can it be to keep trying and never give up?  How HARD can it be to give up something that isn’t your path to embark on the thing that is?  How HARD can it be to say YES to your passions, talents and dreams?  I think it would be much harder to NOT achieve your life’s purpose.  It would be much HARDER to have regret about what you weren’t brave enough to do or too lazy to do.

Yes, another life lesson like a pie in my face!  Of course I needed the reminder of something I already knew but seemed to have forgotten.

The lesson:  What words am I speaking about my life?  Am I focusing on the impossible or endless possibilities?  I am being given messages and inspirations every day.  I just have to really listen and take it personally.  The answers are here right now.

Just pay attention, ask and listen carefully.


This Blog was featured in “The Internet Mommy” by Kimberley Clayton Blaine A.K.A. TheGotoMom.TV

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  1. Grace HQ
    November 5, 2010

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    OK! Lots of good lessons for me that serve as good reminders!!! Love your site!! I miss your positive energy. Owe you lots as well. The Kaizen video is really inspiring . . . and sassy . . . Such great words to describe you!!! You need to rub off on me more! Lots of love to you, SK ! Grace

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